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Since the Revolution in Education started during the times of "Mahatma Jyotiba Phule" & his wife "Savitribai Phule", who contributed their entire life in imparting education for the poor & needy and especially for the women of the unfreed India.

It was this couple who started the first school for women in Bhidewada, Budhwar peth, Pune, later on in the Independent India it was Bharatratna Dr.B.R.Ambedkar who was the follower of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule garnished the revolution by preparing an agenda for the depressed classes in the sector of Education, so that these classes avail the various facilities in the field of Education.

In today's India, we find that there are various bills already existing for the betterment & improvement of these suppressed classes in the field of Education, jobs, culture, politics etc. There are many facilities already prevailing in the system. But inspite of this the literacy percentage is very low in these communities.

The reason behind this is to why the literacy percentage is so low is a topic of reasoning & so a deep thought has to be given and we all have to really be very careful & become very concern about these facts because the progress of India lies in the literacy of these backward classes/minorities and in the literacy of the women.

If we really think in a rationale way, we will come to a conclusion that inspite of the tremendous networking of Marketing organized by the Government into the rural sectors, the people are not able to enjoy the benefits regarding the same, because they are unaware about the various schemes & programs organized. Due to this the various yojanas or Government schemes doesn't prove successful or very less amount of people are streamlined for this purpose. Hence the vision of the Government is not materialized accordingly. To strengthen the vision of the Government MET thus proves its skills to work in parallel views with the Government for eradicating unemployment by spreading education throughout such classes.

MET has its tremendous networking in Marketing and thus it has spread its wings in the rural sector as well. This enables MET to reach to the grass root level of such depressed classes and create awareness for the various scholarship programs conducted by the Government through the Bharat Sarkar Shishyavrutti Yojana. Hence to a larger extent MET has proved its capabilities to complete the vision of the great dignitaries of India towards the literacy programs and will strive to do so in its nearest future as well.
MET offers various programs in Education like BSc-HS, BCA, BBA which are affiliated to the world renowned Pune University which is known for its varied prosperity & culture in education.

Keeping in mind the prospects of these current modern education MET also plays an important role in the social field by diversifying these programs towards such masses & making them aware of such programs which can help them get better jobs, foreign internships, higher education abroad, come up with their own business etc.

Thus apart from such Educational schemes, MET also strives independently to help students who fall under such categories & also help those who are under poverty.

By doing this MET strengthens the mission of the Government to impart education to the depressed classes to the fullest!

Metropolitan-MPH Scholarships Abroad  
Metropolitan-MPH Scholarships Institutes, Colleges & University Programmes
Specific Programs Proposed by the Candidate Eligibility
How We Decide So what should you be concerned about?
Application and Selection Procedure Terms of the Scholarship
Application Form    

Metropolitan Scholarships
Metropolitan Scholarships provide the opportunity to young people with exceptional talent in any field to broaden their vision abroad and improve their skills to operate in Service Industry, thus making them a future vehicle of change in their environment. The scholarships are of two types: Institute/College/University Programmes and specific programs.

University Courses
Scholarships for up to 2 years at top American, European, Australian and UK institutions, for degrees/diplomas/MBA in Hotel Management, Management, IT Computers & Education

Specific Programs Proposed by the Candidate
Scholarships for research, training or professional improvement to be carried out abroad either independently, or attached to a leading institution. Candidates are expected to provide full details of their proposed programs, including time and travelling plans, a full breakdown of costs, and evidence of agreement with such institutions if required.



Scholarships are open to all Indian citizens of either sex who hold a good degree / diploma from a recognised university and are resident in India at the time of application.

It is essential to have prior admission to the institution and Programme chosen. The Trust will not consider candidates without admission or pending admission. The institutions concerned must only be top rank.

Candidates must be below 30 years of age on the first of July in the year of application. Preference will be given to candidates who have not yet studied abroad. Candidates who are already studying or have started their program abroad are not eligible.

The award of other grants, teaching assistantships and support from other sources for the proposed programme will be regarded by the Trust as a positive factor. The Trust also encourages applications from young people currently employed.

How We Decide  

The Trust has been awarding scholarships to deserving young Indian since 1991. Few other Institutions have during this period, given as many scholarships in as many and such varied fields.

The key to Trust is flexibility. We look for the unusual, we search out a special talent and we spot people with flair. And once we are convinced that we have found it, we will do everything possible to accommodate a worthy candidate.

It is perhaps for this reason that a list of Trust alumni reads like a "Who's Who" of young India.
So what should you be concerned about?  

Your Achievements, Academic and otherwise. We will need proof that you are an achiever.

Your potential. We pride ourselves on judging potential as much as performance. It isn't just what you have already achieved; it's what we can help you achieve in the future.

The suitability of your course, project or programme. You must persuade us that the course/ programme is right for you and that you are right for it.
Application and Selection Procedure  
The following process is followed for admission through 4 intakes in a year.  

Evidence of admission to a university / Institute & Colleges or a course, and full details of the institute's financial requirements.

One self - addressed stamped, (Rs. 6.00) envelope (4" X 9").

Evidence of any outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities in any field.

Do not send copies of academic certificates with the completed form. These will be needed only at the time of the final interviews. An independent Metropolitan Selection Committee carries out the selection.
Applications received are analysed and evaluated, and the Committee subsequently calls the most interesting candidates for interviews. All applicants must be available for interviews in India. They usually take place in Mumbai and Pune at the end May, in two stages: preliminaries, and for those who make it, finals. Candidates short-listed for the interviews will have to arrange for their own travel and accommodation. Candidates who do not receive any communication by 1st of June must assume that their applications have not been successful.

Terms of the Scholarship  

The duration of the scholarship is up to 2/3 years. It covers for the period granted tuition fees, adequate living expenses and one-way travel. In case of specific programs the financial coverage will be discussed directly with the candidate. Those opting for courses lasting for more than 2 years (i.e. MBA & 3 year degree) will have to seek funding from other sources. Acceptance of other scholarships, teaching assistantships and part time jobs are welcome after approval from the Trust.

Scholarship will not be awarded to candidates whose proposed course of study or specific project requires field trips back to India during tenure.

Scholarships are awarded in June generally however prosposals as excepted round the year.

Metropolitan Trust gives various scholarships :  
1) Metropolitan Scholarship Abroad
2) Metropolitan take-off grand in India
3) Metropolitan Award of Excellence at Hospitality
4) Metropolitan Need Based Scholarships

Scholarship, awards and grants are offered to young men and women under 30 years of age with talent and ability and a desire to transform their lives. These may take the form of academic scholarships for students in India & abroad (includs Hotel Management, Management, Computers IT, Education) MET, & MPH provided candidates have already secured admission to their courses of study. Or, these could involve travel, specific programmes or any other dream project of your choice. Scholarships will normally be awarded for upto two years.

For more details : Contact at Mumbai : F.M.House, Plot No.20, 2nd Flr, Vallabhbhai Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400 056. Pune : Mittal Court, 'B' Wing, Office No.19 Ground Floor, Rasta Peth,Pune 411 011. Application forms can be downloaded from the website or to receive hard copy of the same stamped (Rs.6/-) self addressed envelope (10x23 cm) to : above address.
Call Toll Free : 1800 233 4141

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