Job Opportunities

Hospitality Management & Conventional : Since our Institute boasts the recognition of Hotels in Mumbai, Pune and all over India, the job prospects are bright for all our Successful Students.

Govt. of India’s effort to promote tourism in India, has attracted internationally reputed names, to set up chains of star-graded Hotels & Resorts in India — to tap the business potential of tourist/business visitors. Thus, creating job opportunities for trained diploma holders.

Internationally, the Hotel industry is a booming sector and thereby, job opportunities are very good for Indians in middle-east and far-east countries.

Job opportunity also exists in Merchant ships, Luxury Cruise liners and Airlines.

Our Institute offers recommendation letters to all successful students who would be interested in finding employment in Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Airlines & Ships — both in India & Abroad.

Corporate sectors (Call Centres,BPO, KPO etc.) Business Operations
100% Job assistance

IT and Management : In today's environment of continual transformation India's IT businesses are focusing their strategies on leveraging technologies and business models to occupy niche domains, increasing their revenues, reducing costs and moving up the value chain. They are focused on providing comprehensive services tailored to meet the needs of major global businesses. Hunt is on to employ multifaceted, domain specific IT professionals, with adequate management skills who will be required to bring about this transformation. And this is where Metropolitan graduates shall stand high in the first choice category. In this environment, the challenge is not merely in getting a job, but in mapping the future path of personal development and growth; in building your career.

Career Options  
Mobile computing
Network Security
Distributed Operating Systems
World-wide Web Protocols
Computer Graphics
Object oriented data-bases
Software Architecture
Advanced Computer Architecture
Speech Processing
Intelligent Systems
Data Encryption & Decryption
Solid Modeling
Web Services
Semantic Web
Component Technology
Software verification & testing
Power Electronics
Computer Vision
Statistical data Processing
Data Mining & Data Warehousing
Research & Development
Embedded Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Organizational Hardware design and operation
Computer Maintenance & Repair
Electronic systems
Communication systems
Satellite systems
Audio & video systems
Digital Signals & Image processing
Computers and software applications
Logistics Management
Remote Education - distance education, e-Learning
Radio & Microwaves
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