About Scholarship India and Abroad

Q1.What is the age limit for the scholarship abroad?
Ans. Candidates must be below 30 years of age on the first of July in the year of application.

Q 2. How can one collect the application form?
Ans. Application forms can be downloaded from our website ( or can be obtained by writing to Metropolitan Group of Institutes, Mumbai Office : F.M.House, Plot No.20, 2nd Flr, Vallabhbhai Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai 400 056. Pune : Mittal Court, 'B' Wing, Office No.19, Ground Floor, Rasta Peth, Pune 411 011 with a self addressed empty envelope with Rs.6/- stamp.

Q3. What is the last date of collection and submission of application forms?
Ans. The last date of collection and submission of application forms is June 15th every year.

Q4. Are only typed application forms to be submitted or they can be handwritten also. Can one apply online also?
Ans. The application form should be preferably handwritten currently there is no provision for submission of online applications.

Q5. Which universities/institutions are covered for the Metropolitan scholarships?
Ans. All Top American, European, Australia and UK institutions are covered for the Metropolitan scholarships abroad. In addition, the Foundation is open to any kind of special projects outside the traditional University set up.

Q6. Is the scholarship applicable for Undergraduate courses also?
Ans. The applicants are expected to have finished their 10th, 12th or Graduation before applying for the scholarships. Most Metropolitan awardees take up graduate studies abroad. Metropolitan has no bar on the kind or level of degree a candidate wishes to pursue.

Q.7. How and when are the short-listed candidates for interviews informed and are the rejected candidates are also informed?
Ans. The short-listed candidates are informed about the interviews immediately after the interviews on parts of documentations, admission and procedures assume that their applications have not been successful.

Q8. Can the interviews be held by telephone or through video-conference, in case the candidates are not in station?
Ans. Shortlisted candidates are required to attend the personal interviews. There are no provisions for interviews through telephone or video-conference. If the short-listed candidate is not able to attend the interview, his/her case may be considered in absentia, in exceptional cases.

Q9. What are the documents to be brought at the time of interview?
Ans. At the time of final interview following documents are required:
1. Photocopy of undergraduate degree and any later degree
2. A copy of admission letter (by MET's Colleges)
3. Statement of Fees
4. Any fee concession/waiver of any other source of funding

Q10. Are the candidates given travel fare and accommodation for the Scholarship Interviews?
Ans. No. The candidates have to arrange for their travel and accommodation on their own.

Q11. What about those candidates who have not yet got firm letter of admission from Institute/College/ Universities they have sought admission to by the deadline of May 15 ?
Ans. The Trust needs clear evidence of admission before it can process the application. However, if the final letter of admission takes a bit longer, some definite evidence of acceptance is necessary.

After Scholarship is granted  

Q1. What does the scholarship cover?
Ans. The scholarship abroad covers partial tution fee and allowance.

Q2. Are there any conditions applied for the scholarships?
Ans. No condition is applied for the scholarships.

Scholarships in India  

Q1. What are the scholarships given in India ?
Ans. Education related scholarships in India and abroad are given.

Q2. Are loans also available for studies, training in India?
Ans. No. The Metropolitan does not have any provision for loans. However the applicant can get them from any nationalized Bank.

Q3. Is there any specific format of applications?
Ans. There is no specific format. Yes, the same may be downloaded as Admission form from our website

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