Student Corner

Express Verve 2007

The students participated in the express verve 2007 organised by Indian Express. They took part in Rangoloi, Flower Arrangement and Choreography Competitions. All the students had an enriching experience and this event gave a boost to their creativity and innovative capabilities.

Theme Night

'Tangent-I'- touching Indian palate was organised by the senior students of metroplitan representing the geometrical term Tangent meaning a line touching the surface of a figure and passing on. It was a good opportunity given to the senior students to exhibit their skills and knowledge and to practically apply their knowledge which they have gained for the past three years.

26th January Republic Day

The students of the Metroplitan decorated the entire campus with mariold flowers and colorful rangoli designs. The republic day celebrations at Metropolitan Institute began with great enthusium and welcoming our honorable Director Mr. V B Sawant with traditional Aarti and lighting of the lamp.

Automobile Show

The automobile show was organized at the SSPMS Agricultural ground which was visited by our students of Metropoitan. The automobile show has positively helped the students to understand and experience for themselves all themselves all the above mentioned aspects.

Sakal Karandak

Our students participated in 'Sakal Karandak' a drama competiion organized by Sakal. The first year students of Metropolitan put in all their creative effors to exact and make this play a sucess. The play named 'Zidda ek Apayash' scriped by Baburao Kanure was beautifully dramatized by all the participants.

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